Work Process

Who are we?

At Advisor 8 we provide professionals (and their clients) an innovative, yet robust digital platform helping their day-to-day operations, by guiding and streamlining their routing processes, enabling omni-channel collaboration of client activities, empowering professional service providers with fully integrated tools and application platform to focus on their business growth while providing the best possible client services.

We not only provided a platform packaged with all the tools and capabilities for professional service providers, but also created an unthinkable community of accountants, business clients and professional certified Advisors/ProAdvisors, thereby creating, nurturing and supporting a unique ecosystem supporting each other.

What do we do?

With our years of experience designing and developing systems to transform enterprises by adapting digital revolution by focusing on automating their core business activities, without added burden on managing the technology aspects of this transformation.

Advisor 8 platform helps the broader community of accounting professionals, SMBs and their clientele avoid the never-ending friction from operational activities by providing a robust cloud deployed SaaS solution supported by no-nonsense productivity apps, seamless client collaboration and engagement, and real-time transaction management.

Work Process
Work Process

What do we deliver?

A thriving community of professional service providers, business entities by creating a supporting ecosystem enriched with a secured digital platform of tools and capabilities to consistently achieve business transformation.

We provide an unparalleled Professionals user Experience that is significantly enhanced by providing compelling tools and integrations spawning 360o view of their business practices like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Compliance Management, Proposal and Quote Management, Contracts and filings, Billing and Invoicing, Payment Processing, and Document Sharing, to name a few.

Additional capabilities like calendar and task management, email and chat, Seamless integrations are at the core of Advisor 8 platform with out-of-the-box connectors to client accounts on QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, FreshBooks and other accounting / book-keeping software solutions.

Advisor 8 further aids by integrating ‘My Accountant’ to work with your accountant seamlessly. SMBs with their business expansion and growth needs by managing campaigns and providing visibility into RFPs and Job needs demanded by the business community.

The industries includes Information Technology (Include- Hardware, Software, Semiconductor), Agriculture (Include- Dairy), Health care, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Food (Include- Beverages, Distilleries), Chemicals & Fertilizers, Financials, (Include- Banking, Investments, Insurance, Real Estate), Consumer (Include- Packaged Goods CPG), Communication (Telco, Media, Publishing, Motion Pictures/Movies, Entertainment… ), Manufacturing (Include- Hi-Tech, Contract Mfg, Printing, Textiles, Electronics, Machinery), Transportation (Include- Logistics, Air-Rail-Shipping) Heavy Industrials, Energy (Include- Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Renewable Energy) Utilities (Include- Electric, Gas, Water), Construction (include Infrastructure), Materials (Include- Minerals, Mining, Paper & Pulp, Precious Metals), Automotive (Include- Automobile, Farm equipment), Wholesale (Include- Durables, Non-Durables), Retail, Services


Our vision is to make Advisor 8 a single indispensable platform for supporting a special community of Professional SMBs and Accounting Advisors.

Work Process
Work Process


At Advisor 8 we live by and continue to evangelize our Core Values with which we started this journey.

We are very ambitious to accelerate our growth, quickly and organically, to further revolutionize the platform and enrich the community we serve.

During this ongoing journey our strategies and processes we adopt may change, but our Core Values will always remain the integral part of our evolution and growth.

  • Innovate and Evolve

    We embrace creativity and innovation, yet maintain simplicity to be realistic in enhancing PEX (Professionals user Experience) to further enrich the community of all connected business entities.

  • Own and Deliver

    We own the issues, challenges, and surprises, always strive to connect the dots and understand the complexities, and deliver the best capabilities and experiences, without compromising the quality and elegance.

  • Communicate and Collaborate

    We understand the importance of sustaining a lively community network of professionals and businesses. Constant communication and collaboration with our stakeholders are an indispensable mantra for us. Everyone matters.

  • Kaizen and Thrive

    Embrace Kaizen and strive relentlessly for continuous improvement of products, people, processes, platform and the community it supports. Change Management is not an after-thought, but is the way of our evolution and sustenance.

  • Win-win and Win-big

    Our goal is to make everyone feel empowered to win: be it new leads, opportunities, referrals, clientele, contracts, job work, avenues to expand in ways unthinkable, without setting any boundaries or limitations. We not only aim to win business and customer base, but we envision our key stakeholders becoming part of our winning by becoming the integral part(ners) of our company.